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contingency in a sentence

There is both a politics and a delight in this, and both are contingent on abnegation. 3. 19 examples: Some of these are mutually exclusive or on a contingency basis only. The contingency list of example sentences with contingency. The word usage examples above have been gathered from various sources to reflect current and historial usage. 1 : the quality or state of being contingent. All Rights Reserved. laying down contingency plans in case we failed to appoint an organist. See more. kən-tĭn'jənt The definition of contingent is something that depends on something else happening, or something that is possible or by chance. Filter. - How can… Definition of Contingency in the dictionary. 4. The benefits for items 1-3 and 5 are only payable provided the, 27. Contingency means something that could happen or come up depending on other occurrences. tautologies) nor false under every possible valuation (i.e. Oil spill contingency plans will be necessary, together with a broad examination of environmental implications. They were remiss to ignore the small, but growing contingency of users. More example sentences Philosophy mass noun The absence of necessity; the fact of being so without having to be so. That all changed in the next couple years due to a variety of factors, such as the economy and poor contingency planning. Synonym Discussion of contingent. "had at the bottom of his heart a deep and unextinguishable desire to humble and punish England," and that war with France was a contingency to be provided against. Examples of Contingency in a sentence. They become obsessed with trying to equip their vehicles with gadgets to deal with every possible, 18. They sometimes charge extremely high retainer or contingency fees, substantially reducing the size of the payment recovered by the family. . . Others were pulled from our literature database. 4. The business plan should include reference to insurance provisions to protect the corporation, wherever feasible, along with a contingency plan. Contingency definition, dependence on chance or on the fulfillment of a condition; uncertainty; fortuitousness: Nothing was left to contingency. Contingency planning for major notifiable disease outbreaks e.g. In view of this contingency the Russian and French military authorities studied the military questions in common, and the result of their labours was the preparation of a military convention, which was finally ratified in 1894. the profits of sown land, a tenant may be entitled to these whose term comes tc an end by the happening of an uncertain contingency (see Emblements). ‘This may provide a way beyond the generalised extremes of homogeneity and heterogeneity in analysing the necessity and contingency in organisational forms of capital.’ Examples of Contingent in a sentence The job offer was contingent upon the return of a clean background review. 1. a gathering of persons representative of some larger group 2. a temporary military unit. How To Use Contingent In A Sentence? the contingency of particular events future, the solution of which remains imperfect.'. A contingent order for California alimony means that the payments are to continue until a specific event (contingency) occurs. Use Contingency in sentence. The associated Plan Master program helps you draw up a detailed disaster contingency plan. Contingency definition is - a contingent event or condition: such as. How to use contingency in a sentence. Californians also turned down Proposition 202, a proposal to limit lawyers', 30. a : an event that may but is not certain to occur a contingency that made performance under the contract impossible. In a situation where the lawyer is being paid on a contingency basis, the lawyer may not be paid anything for his or her time. Filter. In philosophy and logic, contingency is the status of propositions that are neither true under every possible valuation (i.e. Definition and high quality example sentences with “contingency” in context from reliable sources - Ludwig is the linguistic search engine that helps you to write better in English. All relevant workers must be trained in the action to be taken in order to implement the contingency plans made. Random … Examples of 'contingency' in a sentence contingency. How to use contingency in a sentence. How to use contingency in a sentence. Contingency management therapy is a voucher-based system where addicts get "points" based on clean drug tests which they can then exchange for items to live a sober life. 1. Deliberate release of chemical agents Deliberate release of radioactivity The Department 's contingency plans for radiological or nuclear incidents. The cashier told me the free cheeseburger was contingent upon the purchase of a medium drink and fries. Example sentences with the word contingent. According to my supervisor, the job promotion is contingent upon my ability to pass the management exam. The army is already preparing contingency plans to provide cover if the firefighters walk out. The cost of seeking an injunction is met from a council contingency fund. Walkerdine ' s (1988) concerns about the rational actor in the state who transcends particularity and contingency are well known. Examples of contingence in a Sentence the collapse of that nation's economy was one contingence that the architects of the war hadn't planned on Recent Examples on the Web The team had a strong veteran contingence, but none of those veterans had anyone to lead them. It's impossible to legislate for every, 11. contingent on. City officials have implemented what they call Phase I of a, 1. . Example Sentences for "contingency "They appeared to me to tend towards demonstrating Kant’s idea of the relativity and contingency of time and space. When he built a bridge he supervised every detail, left nothing to chance, prepared him-self for every, 28. Definition and high quality example sentences with “contingency” in context from reliable sources - Ludwig is the linguistic search engine that helps you to write better in English. How to use contingent in a sentence. Examples of contingent First, one might hold that pairs of corresponding ' will ' and ' will-not ' propositions about future contingents are neither true nor false. Supt Peter Durham from Newcastle city centre will address staff on how, 29.

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