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susquehanna flats fishing report

I continued my quest for un-pressured bass this week on the Eastern Shore and I think that it was a good choice, as we found some good quality bass still on the beds and not a hook mark on them. I’m still fishing the Bay Bridge area and the warm water discharges although I am just starting to get reports of fish in the rivers, in Eastern Bay, and on the Susquehanna Flats. Shallow top water fishing when the conditions are right has been great. Knowing that those conditions make for… Been done for a couple weeks, thought I’d share a few pics from this fall. The yellow perch run is nearly over and was pretty much a miss for Maryland this year. But I love fishing for largemouth around grass and would really like to be able to fish the Susquehanna Flats a good bit. Susquehanna River (Lapidum) Harford - Maryland. A MD sport fishing license is required to fish the river. Striped bass catch and release success tends to be based on water clarity and to a lesser degree, water temperature. "Now it's off to the Susquehanna Flats for some catch-and-release rockfishing." Since then, the season’s popularity has grown immensely as more and more fishing addicts have found their way to the flats. In 2002, Maryland extended the season by 20 days, so that it now begins March 15 and runs through May 3. However, there was a definite improvement in 2016, and fishing was good last spring through April and May of 2017. My attention has been drawn to the Susquehanna Flats where a slug of big migratory Stripers have moved into the area. Sunday morning I always make my special banana,walnut, blueberry oatmeal pancakes. As a “guerrilla” guide – I follow the best fishing opportunities up and down the Chesapeake throughout the year. Read More Chesapeake Bay Fishing Report: November 13th 2020. By Lyndsie Pratt | 2020-11-20T15:34:07-05:00 November 20th, 2020 | Fishing Report | Comments Off on Chesapeake Bay Fishing Report: November 20th 2020. Susquehanna Flats Fishing Reports and Maps Went out with Captain Ed Robinson of Bonus Check Charters to do some topwater popping and jigging soft plastics for Striped Bass on the Susquehanna Flats. No harvest, no catch and release fishing. From May 16-May 31 the Susquehanna Flats will reopen. I fished the Flats on Monday (03-27-17) with Dan Kilroy and Ange Harclerode. The Flats actually have 10-20 foot channels running around either side, and narrow guts locally called ditches braid through them, but most of this vast expanse of sand and mud is very, very shallow. Sign Up. Maryland Fishing Report is written and compiled by Keith Lockwood, Maryland Department of Natural Resources fisheries biologist. Harrisburg and Dunncannon are by far the most popular launching spots. I've fished the Susquehanna Flats for a really long time and I've learned a lot over those years, from running around in our 12ft jon boat in college to fishing with Richie Gaines, Gerald, Wild Bill, Les, learning from Capt. Fishing Reports. It was back in 1999 that Maryland instituted a month-long spring catch-and-release season for striped bass on the Susquehanna Flats during April. For new Susqy Flats anglers it can be a place of danger due to abrubt shallow water and submerged or barely floating debris. We target Maryland’s state fish. I would like to get into a 16 tin boat. Susquehanna Flats Walk On Notice – I have two spots available for a half-day evening trip on Thursday, April 12. If fishing the Susquehanna is new to you and you don’t really know where to begin, an experienced fishing guide is a life-saver. JerseyBrian Senior Member. This year (2017), there is an increased enforcement on the Susquehanna Flats catch and release fishery. by ... Striped bass have moved into the Susquehanna Flats area in greater numbers. One fish per person, per day between 20 and 26 inches. From shallow water fishing on the Susquehanna Flats in the spring, jigging structure in the mid-Bay, or the early winter bite on the lower reaches of the Bay, I’m there with the knowledge, equipment, and gear to guide you!

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