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what is known as bad land mcq

Give any two factors which determine the land use pattern of a nation. 13 What is the total area of degraded land in India in Hectares? 23. By which name is the bad land known in Chambal basin? 7. Answer: D . CBSE Class 6 Science Multiple Choice Questions(MCQs) & Answers CBSE Class 6 Science QUESTIONS CBSE Class 6 Science Multiple Choice Questions(MCQs)& Answers 1 Which one of the following is a carnivore animal? 2) Under Section Sec. A Better on land than under water B Better above land (sky) than on land C Better above land (sky) than under water D Better under water than on land. INCOME TAX MULTIPLE CHOICE QUESTIONS AND ANSWERS (MCQs) DIRBUGARH UNIVERSITY B.COM 6 TH SEM GENERAL COURSE Fill in the blanks: 1) The income tax was introduced in India for the first time in 1860 by British rulers. 3) The value of perquisites is … 6. Alluvial soil 17 Name any two piedmont plain in India. Badminton Trivia Questions & Answers : Sports Other This category is for questions and answers and fun facts related to Badminton, as asked by users of 20. 10(16), the full amount of scholarship granted to meet the cost of education is exempted. Give three main features of this type of soil. A oxygen cycle. ... 58 The circulation of water between ocean and land is known as the _____. Take online test of the chapter 1 Resource and Development from NCERT Contemporary India-II Geography Textbook (S.St) of Class 10.The chapter wise multiple choice questions from Class 10 Contemporary India-II (Geography) will help you in understanding and checking your knowledge about the chapter Resource and … Our Surveying MCQs are collected from the question papers of varied competitive examinations and also from the only reference books on surveying. MCQs on Balance Sheet A balance sheet is a financial statement that records a firm’s liabilities, assets, and shareholders’ equity at a particular time. Fibers is a material which is naturally or artificially produced & is a filament or thread like piece of any material (a) Fibers (b) plaster (c) PVC (d) Artifical Timber Duars, Chos, or Terai B water cycle. The main atmospheric layer near the earth surface a) Stratosphere b) Troposphere c) Mesosphere d) Ionosphere. Q7] Rohit carrying on real estate business sold a piece of land for Rs.4,00,00,000 (cost Rs.3,50,00,000) then the type of receipt is _____ nature and profit on sale is a) Capital & transferred to capital reserve b) Revenue & transferred to P & L a/c c) Capital & transferred to P & L a/c d) Revenue & transferred to general reserve 8. 130 14 What is the % of water-eroded area in India? The land becomes unfit for cultivation and is known as bad land. What is strip cropping? Science dealing with land is known (i) Geology (ii) Pedology (iii) Geography (iv) None 21. Related quizzes can be found here: Badminton Quizzes There are 79 questions on this topic. In Chambal basin such lands are called ravines. 9. 56 15 What is the main reason for land degradation in Gujarat and Rajasthan? Chapter 1 Resource and Development MCQs. Overgrazing 16 Name the most widely spread soil in India. 5. UN-Habitat, also known as United Nations Human Settlements Program is a UN agency responsible for sustainable urban development and human settlements. 22. MCQ (MULTIPLE CHOICE QUESTIONS) SEMESTER – 6TH SUBJECT- ADVANCED CONSTRUCTION TECHNIQUES 1. Accuracy: A team of editors takes feedback from our visitors to keep trivia as up to date and as accurate as possible. Which type of soil is found in the river deltas of the eastern coast? UN-Habitat: Know More. How much degraded land is present in India? It is a basis for evaluating rates of return and its capital structure. Algal bloom and weeds in water body results in a) Global warming b) Salination c) Eutrophication d) Biomagnifiction 109 Amit met with an accident and later turned into impulsive, irresponsible and less concerned with the consequences of his actions. It was established in 1978 and has its headquarters in the UN … Name the institution which is empowered by the government of India to acquire land?

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